NordART Study Day: ‘Music and Ethics with Dr. Nanette Nielsen’, featuring KUST candidates

10:00 – 13:00 on 21 September 2017, in the Auditorium, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

The Norwegian Academy of Music and the Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research invite colleagues from both inside and outside the Academy to attend this Study Day, which will explore aspects of ethics both from a theoretical standpoint, and from within KUST projects that are currently under development.

Nanette Nielsen works on music and philosophy, especially ethics and aesthetics in twentieth-century music, and on opera and music criticism in the Weimar republic. Other interests include film music, popular music, melodrama, and music in Scandinavia. Nanette Nielsen’s publications include the article ‘Ernst Krenek’s “problem of freedom” in Jonny spielt auf‘ (Twentieth-Century Music, 2013), the co-authored book Music and Ethics (with Marcel Cobussen, 2012), and a co-edited special Opera Quarterly issue on ‘Opera and Philosophy’ (with Tomas McAuley, 2014). Forthcoming publications include the Oxford Handbook of Western Music and Philosophy (under contract), co-edited with Jerrold Levinson and Tomas McAuley.

Her monograph Paul Bekker’s Musical Ethics will emerge with Routledge in October.

We are particularly glad to invite our institutional colleagues from other arts institutes in Norway, and those associated with the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

The Study Day plan is as follows:

10:00-10:05 Darla Crispin opens the Seminar

10:05-11:00 Nanette Nielsen speaks on ‘Music and Ethics’

11:00-12:00 Christian Kjos presents his project: ‘Releasing the Loudie’!count=&start=&subject=&person=Kjos,+Christian&center=&type=&project=&search=

30 minutes presentation, 15-20 minutes response from Dr. Nielsen and 15 minutes questions from the audience

12:00-13:00 Erik Dæhlin presents his project: ‘Shared Space – towards a relational, procedural and intermedial compositional practice’

30 minutes presentation, 15-20 minutes response from Dr. Nielsen and 15 minutes questions from the audience

13:00 Closing words and Lunch

Admission is free of charge, but to enable us to properly cater the lunch, please notify us of your intention to attend by 19th September 2017.

We look forward to seeing you at NMH!

Darla Crispin

Viserektor for forskning- og kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid

Direktør for Arne Nordheim-senteret (NordART)

Norges musikkhøgskole


The B. video to be seen!

PW: 159951

In September 2015, the 1st year class Act / Sc 13 created a dynamic music video with guest artist Andrey Bartenev. The video work was created over 4 intense weeks of close collaboration with Andrey, where students created a wide variety of original scenography, performances and choreographic material. This is the first collaboration our first year class produced together and is a great example of the kind of quality hard work and dedication reflected in NTA students’ creative process. This work premiered live, 29 September, 2015, at Andrey Bartenev’s retrospective at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. You can see this incredible piece of work for yourself by clicking the link below and typing in the password written here.

PW: 159951

If you want to learn more about the music, created by 1st year actor Kaja Egeberg and 3rd year actor, Tobias Shaw Petersen, you can also check out the link

If you want to learn more about Andrey Bartenev, please click here.