New NTA production soon on stage

We at NTA are excited to share this new work developed by and realized with our third-year BA students in acting and scenography, under the direction of Bianca Casady. The interdependency and equal value of all the elements of performance convey the spirit of the curriculum at NTA and our students‘ continual questioning of hierarchies in a performative work. Ms. Casady is well known for her musical explorations and statements in the band CocoRosie, which she created together with her sister Sierra. Bianca Casady as much creates visual worlds in direct connection to her music, be it video clips, photography, paintings, collages, poems or books. This is the second production Bianca Casady is doing at NTA after the BA graduation production “Mother Hunting”, shown at Nationaltheatre Oslo in 2015. Ms. Casady creates this work with our students, based on yet unpublished music and other material, to form a theatre piece combining music, scenography, staging, text, light, costumes, instruments and video. Actors and scenographers work outside and across their disciplines as they each bring in their very distinct artistic personalities and qualities, blending those into a complex multi-sensory unity. Together with the students Bianca Casady also develops a book in dialogue with the stage work.

This work represents a crucial aspect of artistic research as we understand it at the Academy. Within a precisely set frame, the students develop under the auspices of and together with Bianca Casady new methodologies, derived from collaborative material and sensory practices. This research examines the idea of the ensemble and pushes its boundaries

Short biography of Bianca Casady:

Bianca Casady (born 1982 Hilo, Hawaii) lives in Texas and Southern France, both rural landscapes from which she draws inspiration for her work which often starts in the form of photography, video and poetry. All of which is a kind of character driven narrative exploration which is most fully realized in theatrical form. This upcoming production at NTA will be her third play. Equally prone to expressing herself in music, poetry, fashion, drawings, and sculpture, Bianca is a holistic artist. She has exhibited internationally and more recently composed the music for three productions with director Robert Wilson with her sister and musical partner as the duo CocoRosie.

Scisors and Tape


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