Sound-space & audial experience

Workshop with TOLGA BALCI (MA students with the BA students)

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 14.37.20
During this semester we have given the task to the Master students to work on a concept and give a workshop (3-4 days) to the BA students. It was the first time we have organised this and we must admit it was a thrill and a very interesting process.
One of the workshops was organised by Tolga Balci. He gave the BA students a workshop on sound-space & audial experience.  This is what Tolga writes in a short report sent earlier today:
During my workshop with MA we worked  with sound-space & audial experience. We read theories about different listening methods, we focused on reduced listening, we made our own scores and made a piece from the result and executed it in public space. While doing these practices we learned, technical equipment and software.
At the end of the workshop, we showed two works.
One is on listening: from hearing to lingual then performing with vocal and replaying it in site specific location.
I attached the score sheet which is registered by certain form of listening.
We replayed with hidden speakers in site where we had our listening experience in advance.
Other work is dealing with cueing, dramaturgy of sound while acting in public space.
We performed in one of the ferry that goes in between Gamlebyen to Gressvik.
We composed 6 different act & sound relations in public space in the form of invisible theater.
The score sheet : NOTATION NTA MA workshop[1]
Maria, Gregers, Karoline, Linn (exchange student from Danmark), Marie (exchange student from Austria)

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