ReSite (Venice Biennale) – June 2017


“reSite” is the contribution of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme by 6 artists and research fellows, curated by Serge von Arx and Ellen Røed. Its endeavor is to create an open space across the city, consisting of various distinct locations where specific artistic research practices engage with the Venice Biennale. The respective projects inquire and question relationships between art and power as primordial agents in Venice. By subverting the notion of the biennale as an exposition, and rather enhancing it as a context of and site for research, the artists and researchers aim to raise awareness of local and temporal environments where art and finance meet and collide.

Research fellows are Edvine Larssen, Lisa Torell, Cecilie Semec, Ingvild Holm, Bjørnar Habbestad, Brynjar Bandlien.

This event is part of the Research Pavilion’s Camino Events series, a cross-artistic program which consists of screenings, concerts, seminars, artist talks, performances and interventions from over 100 artists and artistic-researchers from art universities of Northern Europe.

The Research Pavilion is a platform for art and research that will be open in Venice from May – October in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale. The Research Pavilion is created and hosted by Uniarts Helsinki and its partners.

And here is Ingvild Holm´s diary poem (WORK) written during her interesting 11 days in Venice.

Preparation work. A parasitic nightmare work? A twisted image of clichés work? Mask and sleep mask work. Worries on how it will work work. What on earth to bring and pack work. Travel work. Buying a Norwegian souvenir troll work. Meet strangers work. Sweat work. Liking and understanding each other work. Checking in work. My room and my room mate Lisa work. Slow work. Drink work. Dinner work. Sleep work. Biennale Giardini work. Lunch work. More biennale work. Curators and artist dinner work. Visit Elisabetta in her garden by the channel work. Getting lost on the way home work. Sleep work. Meet Lisa and Edvine at breakfast work. Visit Research Pavillion work. Lunch work. Swim work. Ghost tour with guide Christina and recording work. Jumping head into the tourist industry at San Marco work. Recording people and orchestra work. Sleep work. Think and read work. Why and how work. Buying tours work. Biennale work. Hear Bjørnar play at the French Pavillion work. Dinner with Cecilie, Lisa and Edvine work. Home balcony work. Sleep work. Trying to get the overall picture of tours work… And where is the Vampire tour work? Tour with guide Mathilde at La Fenice Opera house work. Recording and interviewing work. Research into the 1996 fire at La Fenice work. Mafia work? Money work? Hunting book stores work. Sweat work. Buying a mask magnet souvenir work. Sweat work. Home work. Meet at the Research Pavillion work. Big tasty dinner with everyone work. Sleep work. Gondola ride with oversized sleep mask and a selfie stick work. Reassuring tourists that the performative touch is ok work. Research at the Venice Pavillion called Luxury work. Hm work. Interviewing work. Filming work. Recording work. Being available at the Research Pavillion work. Finding that troll souvenir and mask souvenir fit perfectly work. Documenting it work. Dinner work. Sleep work. Think work. Worry work. Breakfast with Brynjar at balcony work. Publishing troll with mask at Facebook work. Sweat work. Being available at the Research Pavillion work. Rest work. Coming too late for Ghost tour at Viareggio together with Edvine work. Dinner work. Getting an idea for a presentation of the research work. Work on it work. Sleep work. Breakfast work. Interviewing and recording mask maker Elena work. Trying to convince her to work on the oversized sleep mask work. It doesn’t work work. Finding another mask shop work. Asking for feathers work. Explaining my project and charm work. Befriending mask maker Gualtiero work. It works work! Biennale work. Eating Ellen’s autumn soup with Serge, Ellen, Geir and Bjørnar at head quarter work. Trying to sneak into the Ghost tour from yesterday work. It doesn’t work work. Feeling lonely and lost work. Planning the presentation work. Sleep work. Morning talk with Lisa and Edvine work. Fetching my oversized Venice sleep mask at the atelier of Gualtiero. Great work! Documenting work. Preparing research presentation work. 10 hours of presentation work with everyone work. Me being the blind guide ‘follow me’ work. All works worked well work. Sleep work. Long meeting with talk and reflection work. Plan for more sharing work. Economy work. Vacation work. Lido work. Renting a bicycle work. Biking with an Aperol spritz and a Prosecco within work. Whistling work. Swim work. Meeting at the beach work. Dinner work. Drinks work. Sleep work. Packing work. Leaving the apartment with my passport locked inside work. Stress and call work. Wait work. Maybe missing the plane work. Catching a boat taxi work. Ok work. Travel work. Goodbye work.

Thanks dear colleagues and no longer strangers Lisa TorellEdvine LarssenCecilie SemecBrynjar Åbel BandlienBjørnar HabbestadElisabetta Di Mambro, Serge von Arx, Ellen RøedGeir Strøm, Research Pavilion by Seppo Salminen, Gualtiero Gualtiero Dall’Osto and Tragicomica – mashere e costume. And for oversized sleep mask (ala Peggy Guggenheim, made in Norway and remade in Venice) by Hazel Barstow ( Avellana Wood)


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